In 2015, George Farrell founded a Super Pac called BlakPac with the purpose to attract conservative minority voters and elect conservative Candidates who support Pro-Life, traditional family values and The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.

BlakPAC has been recognized since its beginnings by Bloomberg, NewsMax, and the Examiner for providing the winning edge for Rick Scott and Sam Newby in Florida, and Jenean Hampton in Kentucky.

Thanks to George Farrell’s leadership, a solid nationwide network of minority conservative leaders was created to get ready for the Presidential election and his team created a strategy for 2016 that proved to be extremely effective and successful. Throughout the 2016 election, BlakPAC engineered the largest single minority Get Out The Vote effort in Republican Party history, helping give President-elect Donald Trump the difference he needed to win key battle ground states such as Florida,Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and North Carolina on Election Day.

With George Farrell’s leadership, BlakPAC helped Donald Trump and Mike Pence to win the White House and expand and open the GOP to new conservative candidates and new voters. BlakPAC endorsed Donald Trump on March 17, 2016.

In 2016, BlakPAC assisted Black Conservatives nationwide to qualify for office, and is working diligently to elect more qualified Black, Latino and Asian conservatives.

Thanks to George Farrell,  BlakPac is currently known nationwide as the only solid Organization with the strategy that can deliver real results in any election.

After 2016 elections, more conservative minority leaders across the country has joined BlakPac in the effort to help BlakPac’s mission. BlakPac is currently active from local School Boards to City, County, State and Federal elections though the use of the largest database of registered Black voters in America owned by BlakPac.

In 2017, BlakPAC had a great impact on the Karen Handle Campaign. George Farrell put together an effective grassroots team and massive media outreach resulting in the victory for a really important and tight race.

George Farrell strongly believes that limited government policies will help Blacks and all Americans climb the economic ladder and build for the future. He founded BlakPAC to give voice to all those Minority Americans  who will prosper in an economy guided by free market principles with an eye toward protecting American interests first.

Currently, George Farrell continues engaging minorities through media and events. He also continues adding more leaders to join BlakPac and encourages them to create more groups that share and spread BlakPac’s mission.

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