George Farrell & Development

George T.  Farrell began his journey in Real Estate in the 1980’s when he started working  closely with religious and civil rights leader Walter Fauntroy to develop a plan to save and restore the Anthony Bowen YMCA, which had fallen into disrepair, in the Historic Shaw Neighborhood of Washington DC.

In 1991, he purchased Morgan Investments in Maryland.  As a CEO of Morgan Investments, Mr. Farrell built and sold several real estate developments in Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia. Among those are:

  • Channing Townhouses, located between 17th Street NE and 20th Street NE, Washington DC 20018.
  • Lake Arbor Development with more than 200 houses and townhouses, located in Prince Georges County, Maryland.
  • Townhouse Development located on Shirlington Road and 2nd Street South, Arlington, Virginia 22204.

During that period he also served as Associate director of the District of Columbia Housing Finance Agency under Mayor Sharon Pratt Kelly from 1991 to 1995 and then as a United States Department of Housing and Urban Development Consultant for Empower Baltimore.

One of his strengths is to preserve the existing character of communities without the displacement or gentrification of current residents or business. In 2003 in Florida, Mr. Farrell began the restoration of another historic landmark that had fallen into disrepair, The Royal Theater Boys and Girls Club, in Midtown, St. Petersburg, Florida, which resulted in the redevelopment of the surrounding community without harming its character or promoting gentrification.

Mr. Farrell also developed the first inclusionary zoning project in the state of Florida in 2005, but abandoned the project when the Pinellas County Housing Authority refused to provide needed upgrades to Rainbow Village, the neighboring property.

During his time living in Costa Rica, Mr. Farrell had the opportunity to get involved in several development projects with emphasis in sustainability. Mr. Farrell continues to develop real estate in North, Central and South America and hold a NLMS. He uses sustainable techniques acquired from his experience in Central and South America.

Currently he is working with other two companies in Costa Rica to develop a sustainable project Sustainable Development in the province of Guanacaste.

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