George T Farrell & Politics

George Farrell has been deeply involved in politics and helping communities since starting as an intern for United States Senator Claiborne Pell (D) RI. As a young college student, Mr. Farrell went on to learn the intricacies of Capitol Hill and to influence legislation later in life.

George T. Farrell was called the founder of the modern credit union by

Rep. Tim Scott

Congressman Walter Fauntroy after passage of the Community Development Act of 1994 which greatly expanded the scope and designation of the Field of Membership of Community Charters and created the Low Income Designation adopted by the National Credit Union Administration.

Rep. Brian Mast

In the late 90’s, Mr. Farrell became involved in Jeb Bush’s gubernatorial campaign  by building a strong coalition of African American Republicans and Democrats to support him. He was later appointed by Governor Jeb Bush as a Commissioner on the Florida Commission on Human Relations to lead the fight against discrimination.

Governor Rick Scott

During the election cycle of 2014, Mr. Farrell energized Black American voters across Florida to support Governor Rick Scott and increased Black voter turnout 40% resulting in the defeat of former Governor Charlie

Christ. Mr. Farrell expanded these efforts to lead outreach to minority voters and support conservative candidates nationwide by creating a Super Pac named BlakPac. BlakPac is  credited with doubling the number of Blacks voting Republican and electing Donald Trump as President.

Throughout his professional career Mr. Farrell has been the one person that leaders turn to for advice and action plans.

Mr. Farrell actions, engaging, creating and leading a nationwide movement was memorialize in the Congressional Record by Congressman Brian Mast.

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